• JBL Paragon D44000 Speaker System Cabinet

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    Our Beautiful Bespoke version of the JBL PARAGON stereo reproducer cabinet, finished in a  beautiful  piano finish or choose your wood species! 

    The unusual shape of the Paragon made it very complicated to build. Engineering and factory translated the design into one executable on the shop floor. After overcoming the manufacturing challenges posed by the curved refractor panels and the cabinet legs, the speaker entered production in late 1957.

    The original 2-way design consisted of two 150-4C bass drivers with 4-inch coils, and two H5038P-100 elliptical horns. The 5038s are essentially midrange drivers that start rolling off at 15 kHz. In 1960, after feedback from foreign distributors, the Paragon was made into a 3-way loudspeaker by adding two 075 ring radiators (tweeters) mounted in the back of the cabinet and aimed at the central 'sweet spot'. Bass–mid crossover was at 500 Hz and mid–treble frequencies crossed over at 7 kHz. 

    The Paragon much resembles a sideboard, measures are

    106 × 33.75 × 24.5 inches (269 × 86 × 62 cm), and weighs 850 pounds (390 kg) according to the product brochure. Standard finishes include korina, birch, mahogany and ebony; premium wood finishes included light and dark walnut, oak, teak, rosewood; a piano lacquer finish would cost extra. A team of six worked on each unit, spending an estimated 112 to 125-man-hours to complete a single unit,most of it spent on finishing of the woodwork. After assembly, eight hours would be needed just for sanding down the entire enclosure. Then, several coats of varnish are applied by hand, allowed to dry, and then smoothed down by further rubbing!

     Elliptical horns are included! 

    The veneers are all available in either satin finish (standard), high gloss or Piano gloss.